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Tue. Jan. 19, 2010
Championship Preliminary Round in Tokyo
I want to say I attended Championship Preliminary Round! ... actually I hadn't got High Ranker Pass so I attended only Tag Battle Trial with Awawa.
While we were waiting it I looked at the games to decide representatives of Tokyo. There were someone who I knew. Great. However all of them were defeated. There were a lot of great fighters.
We could play the Tag Battle Trial very short time. The opponent team consisted of father and a son as well but the father didn't understand the rule of Battle Spirits very much so we play the game relaxed environment.
Awawa could shake hands with Galaxy Watanabe and was taken photo with him. It was great experience. Plus he attended a filming session. You might see Awawa in TV someday (lol).
Tue. Jan. 5, 2010
Happy New Year 2010
Have a happy new year!
I attended a Battle Spirits Shop Battle today. I changed my deck from Violet Desuper to Yellow SOJU. The result was...
1st game: defeated by Blue KYOSHU and Castle x 2 (deck out)
2nd game: defeated by Blue KYOSHU
3rd game: won with TENSHO combo
4th game: defeated by Victory Stand and Castle x 2 (deck out)
After these, I played against Red and attack deck but I couldn't win. My deck was very strong only when the combo worked. I was defeated before drawing. The fact was that I was defeated 2nd time because of deck out, I have to consider it...
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