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Tue. Dec. 15, 2009
Terrible Ron-Deth
I surprisingly attended Battle Spirits Shop Battle two straight days :)
Today I went Fireball AKIHABARA. The attendees were 11 people.
The first game's opponent used Red deck and fast attacked. It was a little difficult to handle Iguaknife but I drew 2 Silent Walls luckily and I attacked with Sha-Zoo at last and Won!
The second game's opponent used Blue deck with KYOSHU. Although he didn't draw any nexus cards, I handled the game well. At last he used KYOSHU with Invisible Cloak! but I could save my life with Bloody Coffin! Then I attacked with 2 Sha-Zoos at last and Won!
The third game was the final game in hindsight. The opponent used The DarkBishop Baculus and The SevenShogun? Desperado so that my spirits were all destroyed. That's Terrible! I was defeated. I fought again but was defeated again... It was my own skill...
I won the second position in the two straight days. Not bad again but I wanted to win the victory.
Mon. Dec. 14, 2009
Awawa Won at last
Awawa and I attended Battle Spirits Shop Battle at Yellow Submarine KAWASAKI this time. There appeared to be a lot of people who tried to entry because there were some waiting for a cancellation. It's growing in popularity, isn't it?
The first game's opponent used Green. I summoned Sha-Zoo at first turn but he placed The Emerald Empty Sky, which disabled Sha-Zoo but his Sheeple also... I attacked with Bottom Desuper at level 3 and won!
The second game's opponent used Yellow, KOBO. He placed The Sacred Place in Falling Stars in the first turn but luckily I drew Dragsaurus. I destroyed the nexus with it and KOBO spirits with The HellFencer Berith etc and won!
The third game's opponent was the strongest boy I knew. He used so called Mika-deck. He used amazing The LeoDragon Lion-Howl and others to draw really a lot of cards. I thought I lost when he summoned The ArcAngelia Mikafar but he seemed not to draw The ArcAngelia Valiero and there was my one more turn. I summoned The PhantomDragon Sheyron at level 2 and won! Phew...
The final game's opponent used White. He unsummoned my spirits and attacked. I mainly used heavy spirits so it was very difficult for me to summon again. Plus he didn't summon so many spirits so I didn't use Flame Tempest well. I lost. I'm afraid I couldn't defeat him with this deck...
The result was the second place! Not bad. Although it's very difficult to win both of the last two boys.
By the way, Awawa seemed to win the last game! It was the first win for him in tournaments. Great :)

Thu. Dec. 3, 2009
Won a Prize
We won a prize of Battle Spirits!
The B of this page's. Great.
Soon Awawa input his cards into the sleeves but you shouldn't use 3 types of sleeves for one deck...
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