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Mon. Nov. 30, 2009
Awawa Attended It.
Finally, Awawa attended a shop battle of Battle Spirits. There are few shop battles for kids but I found out it at Disk Mate MIYAMAEDAIRA and we went there.
The result was that Awawa was defeated in the all of 4 battles. I thought it was difficult to win because boys are strong enough, but this time Awawa couldn't show his true ability either because of the first battle. O.K. Go in and win next time.
Tue. Nov. 17, 2009
5 defeats in row
I attended a shop battle in Fire Ball Akihabara. The result was ... that I was defeated in all of the battles ;-(
The first opponent placed The Victory Stand of the Glory and summoned 2 The MobileFortress Castle-Golems that crashed my deck which was 29 cards left yet. The second opponent used Jugeki effect. I had Chivarly but in vain against Jugeki because all of the spirits which block the attack were gone. The third opponent summon The IceBeast Mam-Morl again... besides that he placed The Steel Forest and summoned The GreatAngelia Fanim so that I couldn't use many spirits effectively.
I played more 2 games against 2 opponents and was defeated. 5 defeats in row. Well, I didn't feel that the deck fits me perfectly yet. I have to use my deck deeply to win.
Mon. Nov. 2, 2009
Core League
I participated Battle Sprits Core League. I have gotten High Ranker Pass if I made 3 wins, but I won only one game. O.K. I got 2 promotion cards.
The first opponent was a boy aged 5-7. He used Green cards and the deck was not shuffled well... He summoned 3 Matchras in 3 turns. I had only one card in my hand and there were 2 lives left. However, after I placed The Cursed Shrine and could draw cards, it was my pace. I summoned The Phantom Dragon Sheyron and Bottom Desuper and won by my pattern. Phew...
Next was a teenager. He used purple spirits the summon cost of which were 0 and The Historic Battlefield of the Cursed and Mach G. In my hands... there were The Phantom Dragon Sheyron! Oh, my... Nevertheless I used Silent Wall and Victory Fire and... but he was also great player for example he handled my Sha-Zoo very well. I was defeated completely. He seemed to get High Ranker Path becase He would win the next game. Congratulations.
As for me, I had to go to the long line end. I have to wait a long time...
The last game's opponent was an adult. He used White and Armor. I played in my pace at first. Howerver he summoned The Ice Beast Man-Morl! I place The Castle of Eternal Snow but he summoned The Iron Knight Yggdrasill soon. I couldn't use any effect of my cards to his spirits. I was panicked! He summoned The Giant Hero Titus at last and I was defeated. I could think I wait draw Titus but I couldn't do so in playing. I should attack more in hindsight.
By the way, you had to show Ranker Pass to participate this tourney but the Ranker Pass was not taken. So I can participate next torneys in Tokyo and Chiba. I'm thinking...
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