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Mon. Oct. 12, 2009
Shop Battle in Akihabara
I attended the shop battle of Battle Spirits from 8 p.m. at Fire Ball Akihabara. The entry fee was 500-yen, which was a little expensive, so It was apparently for adults and I was afraid I couldn't win. Oh, although I wrote 'expensive', the attendees got 3 packs of 'Koki' so it was not expensive actually.
The first opponent mainly used white cards and attacked. Just after my life was 2 points to go, I drew The SevenShogun Desperado and swept opponent's sprits. After that I drew 3 Sha-Zoos and blocked. When the opponent used Invisible Cloak plus White Portion, I used Silent Wall and stopped it. At last the draw because of Grip-Hands brought me The GiantHero Titus, I beat and won! I had good luck.
The second opponent mainly used red. He fast attacked but, as he said after the battle, my Titus made him so. My life was 1 point to go quickly... but Silent Wall and The PhantomDragon Sheyron were in my cards so I thought I could win. However he used Invisible Cloak so I was defeated simply. The reason was the life point which was only 1 left. By the way he had High Ranker Pass and won this tourney. He was very good player.
The third opponent mainly used purple cards in which there were draw + The SevenShogun Pandemium + Life Chain. He summoned many Spirits but I attacked with Bottom Desuper and through attacked with The PhantomDragon Sheyron at last. My luck was very good and I could win idealy.
The result was 2-win 1-lose. I surprised I was second place! One of the reason was that I was defeated by the winner. It was very good because there were 9 adults, which included 3 High Rankers. I was happy.
Thu. Oct. 1, 2009
Battle Spirits Tower
We went to Fukushima prefecture due to the equinoctial week.
We stop off at Nasu-Kogen Service Area on our way, where there are Battle Spirits Towers, which are vending machine for Battle Spirits' cards. Plus, there are Battle Spirits Towers in Gekko-Onsen Kuahaimu also, where we put up. Eventually Awawa and I got 12 cards each, though I was going to buy no cards...
Battle Spirits is in now in Tohoku area secretly...?
By the way, although we went to Orb less Orb which you could see in the Home Page of Battle Spirits, they didn't sell Battle Spirits already. I'm sorry to hear that;-(
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