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Wed. Sep. 23, 2009
Core League Preliminary Round 2
It was decided on very short notice that I would play Battle Spirits Core League Preliminary. I have Ranker Pass already so that I can play Core League (main convention) but I'd like to try my newest deck.
The result was ... 9th out of 14 players because of 2 wins and 2 loses. I couldn't get another Ranker Pass which you had to get 8th or higher.
I mainly use purple cards I often move the cores. The first oppornent used the Empty Sky series. I was taking measures to it but... I seemed to do some mistakes. The reason of the result of the battle was not deck's but skills in games. The second oppornent used Green. I was attacked High BP spirits. I have to change deck if I'd like to win the latter. Anyway I have to play more. Well it's apparently so difficult to get High Ranker Pass which you can get only you gain the third straight win.
Tue. Sep. 22, 2009
 The new TV program of Battle Spirits 'SHONEN GEKIHA DAN' has been started. We watched the 2nd episode on last Sunday. Awawa wanted not only The Thunder Emperor Dragon Siegwurm, which was main spirit of the hero's, but also Ankillersaurus and Victory Fire, which were in BLAZING THUNDER, and all of which were effectively used in the episodes. TV programs have an influence strongly on children...
Well, it's OK. I also think they're a little very good card, especially Victory Fire. Let them in your deck and use them effectively!
Fri. Sep. 11, 2009
I bought BLAZING THUNDER and DIAMOND DEITY, which were for Battle Spirits and were both out today. The new effect GEKITOTSU (collision?) emerged but only one of the Master Rare card in them has it, doesn't it? Anyway Awawa's going to use it. A red card is not the only reason but a rare card. Awawa like rare cards because of the rare mark.
Tue. Sep. 8, 2009
Weak Deck
I play Battle Spirits against Awawa with the weakest deck I can imagine, which is consisted of high cost and various colors cards.
I couldn't lose several months ago even with them but I can now. I play seriously but the weakest deck. It's getting interesting. I hope and am afraid the day will come when I'll be defeated by Awawa even with my best deck. Otherwise we'll get tired, I don't know.
Thu. Sep. 3, 2009
I took part in a tournament
I took part in a Battle Spirits tournament.
The result was 2 win and 2 defeat in 4 battles. I took 5th place from 9. An elementary school boy defeated me at the first game. He had excellent deck and was very smart. He was amaging. The other lost game was due to a junior high school boy. I could do almost nothing in the game.
My deck has many light card so the game time was short when I won. I realized that it was very difficult to win if the opponent closed up light cards. However I got a RANKER PASS, so I'll try to take part in the tournament the name of which is CORE LEAGUE.
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