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Thu. Jul. 9, 2009
Last Sunday I bought further BS01 booster cards of Battle Spirits. I wanted to get an X-rare The Dragon Emperor Siegfried, which Awawa had wanted but I couldn't. As alternated(?) I got another X-rare The SevenShogun Desperado and Master-rare The PhantomKnight Nightrider, both of which were purple cards. So I change my deck from yellow-main into purple-main. Hmm, I could win to summon many yellow light cards when I used yellow-main deck but it's very difficult to make the pattern to win with purple-main deck. I have to think case by case.
Anyway Awawa is getting better than before. There is a simple rule of Battle Spirits that the spirit with more BP beats the other spirit with less BP. Awawa become someone who decides to attack or not AFTER comparing BPs. Plus, surprisingly, Awawa was thinking about combos also. They are easy for example there is a magic card Royal Potion which cures cost-2-spirits, Awawa choose the magic and cost-2-spirits. It's very simple and we adults take it for granted but it's not so easy for Awawa, who attacked before comparing BPs one month ago. So I'm amazed.
I'm using not my serious deck but the weekest deck I can set during the game with Awawa. It's a little difficult to make weeker deck. However I won't be able to beat him even with my serious deck in no distant future. Will I feel good or bad?
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