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Tue. Jun. 30, 2009
The Dark Dragon Emperor Siegfried
 Battle Spirits "The Dragon Emperor" cards have sold since 11th June, and I bought some of them. I have wanted "The Dragon Emperor Core and Booster Pack DX", which sold in some convenience stores only, and was looking for them but I haven't found out yet...
However Awawa found the booster pack was sold in a convenience store. So I bought 5 packs, and opened, say, The Dark Dragon Emperor Siegfried, which is an X rare card. Awawa had been wanting it for a long while because of ads from TVs. Awawa danced with pleasure. Awawa was so lucky!
Sat. Jun. 20, 2009
Skyline Crossover
Since I first watched the picture of Infinity EX35, which I suddenly fell in love several years ago, I have said to a sales person in Nissan that I would like Nissan to sell it in Japan. At last, it'll sell soon. Its Japanese name is Skyline Crossover(Japanese).
I think the sales person remember that, he let me know the test-ride event before the sales day! When I went to the show room in Ginza, I was disappointed because I could just watch it from the outside. However this time I could drive it!
...I wanted to write the impression but I entered into the NDA so I couldn't. However I think I can write the exterior, it was very impressive no less than I expected. The whole experience was extremely good! It was worth enough taking a day off:-p
Tue. Jun. 16, 2009
Battle Spirits
Recently, Awawa and I are being into Battle Spirits, which is a trading card game.
Well, I'll start writing Idiot Talk again :)
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