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Mon. Jan. 21, 2008
JEF 2007 personal record
I calculated something from the record of JEF 2007 J-league games.

-Playing Time Top 11 (minutes: max=3040)
MAMI 2536
KUDO 2329
SAITO 2159
*YAMAGISHI played very good. He was a very tough guy because he played in a National Team as well.

-Expectation Point in case of starting (All Games Win = 3, Defeat = 0)
ARAI 1.462
KUDO 1.346
SAITO 1.240
MAKI 1.182
Raynaldo 1.143
*The avarage points of the game the player started.
I hope SHIMOMURA will play well this year!
NAKASHIMA(1.087) and HANYU(0.964) are drop out. The worst players were KUROBE and PAKU. The expectation point was 0. In other words, JEF lost all the games when they started.

-Goal Defferential Average During Playing (SAME = 0)
AOKI 1.023
ARAI 0.513
KUDO -0.077
SAITO -0.167
*This is an average of goal defferential when the player was playing. For example, YONEKURA had played for 18 minutes, when JEF got 2 goals without conceding a goal. Calculation from that, if he plays, the score will be 2-0 in 18 minutes, then 10-0 in 90 minutes.
It's good the younger players YONEKURA and AOKI are top 2.
That only 5 players got plus shows how bad JEF's performance was in the last year.
I calculated in order to prove that MAKI was a good player, to the contrary, this result proved his performance was bad.
The worst 3 were YUKI(-3.5), RAKUYAMA(-2.0), IKEDA(-1.0). YUKI had been playing only 26 minutes. The reason why RAKUYAMA was said very badly was shown from this. NAKASHIMA, who also was said badly and got -0.347, was better than HANYU(-0.384) and MAKI. Say, MAKI also was said badly:-p
Sun. Jan. 20, 2008
the Teacher's Issue?
I read an article which said that many students behave badly in classes of Japanese public schools.
I think that's true but the trend that teachers or schools are pressed the responsibility on is more critical, isn't it? For example, there's another article listed as a related one, 'Too Much Corporal Punishment on Joint and Several Responsibility'. I don't think that is too much. I had an experience that we were scolded as a punishment on joint and several responsibility. I sometimes was pluged and chopped by teacher's hand in my elementary or junior high school.
Are something like 'too much corporal punishment' sued by parents? So that school can only avoid to discipline? Even if so, that parents try to have their children enter into private shools because of bad public schools is wrong if parents think nothing but the schools discipline their children.
It is the parents' responsibility!
In actuallity, children have to be disciplined in order to enter a private school so I think it's good if it's a way for that the PARENTS discipline their child.
By the way, my family has a big problem from that point of view:-p
Awawa behaved very badly in the entrance celemony of his kindergarten.... Although I don't think it's very bad if he is energetic, I feel pressed a little after I read that article.
How should I do?
Fri. Jan. 18, 2008
Hot Miso Ramen Only In The Winter Season
I went the ramen restaurant for the first time in a while, in which I found 'hot miso ramen' which has been available in the winter season. I couldn't order it because I found it after I orderd. I'll try it next time!
I think that this 'only in the winter season' sentence is the key why Soup Curry is popular in Sapporo. That is that you want hot meal in cold days or you hate to eat hot meal in hot summer days because of sweating. I don't know why Sapporo is the only city where soup curry is popular in all the cold climate cities. It happned by chance? If so I can't explain why there are two or more restaurants whose owner says their restaurant is the origin of soup curry.
Anyway I was annoyed just after I moved back to Tokyo because of lack-of-spices. However Magic Spice has been in Tokyo (and Osaka) now so that I can eat anytime I want. I love it!
Fri. Jan. 18, 2008
Oops Yuto also...
The captain SATO Yuto seems to be traded. Awawa has the uniform YUTO No.7 and he likes Yuto. It's too pity. Every players the parent and the child like are traded...
However new players has joined. Young players with a future are comming. I'm hoping for JEF this year as well
Wed. Jan. 16, 2008
Hanyu also...
How awful is JEF Chiba this year! 4 out of 5 Japan national squad's players in JEF are traded. They're Hanyu, Yamagishi, Mizuno and Mizumoto. It cannot be understood by JEF supporters.
I was very disappointed because of Hanyu. He is the symbol of the 'Think and Run' soccer in JEF. I've been cheering him for recent years. It's very sad that your favorite player is traded;-(
According to Hanyu Naotake's home page, he agreed with the head coach of FC Tokyo. I could watch good games thanks to him, so I'd like to cheer him up in the team he is traded. Nevertheless I can't think about nothing but JEF. I hope Kuze, who became JEF's coach no more than several days before, has godd ability as a coach. I can't think anything else.
Fri. Jan. 11, 2008
I saw it! Near Yokohama station several days ago while driving. It was Citroen C5.
It was like some people said in the net, I had also felt the exterior was bland. However my thought was changed right after I saw the C5. It had very interesting exterior. I loved the rouded one. You couldn't find it out from the pictures. That was just what some C5 owner said in the net.
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