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Sun. Dec. 30, 2007
Fedora 7 WiFi
Then I have to handle WiFi.
I'v found out that livna has made the Windows hardwares to be available. It seemed the network card I used was available if you use madwifi.
You could see the error of lack packages if you fail to install, you could continue to install. Finally,
rpm -iv madwifi-
rpm -iv kmod-madwifi-
rpm -iv kernel-
rpm -iv mkinitrd-6.0.9-7.1.i386.rpm
rpm -iv nash-6.0.9-7.1.i386.rpm
I stopped here because of the confrict error.
It took a lot of time due to a very simple mistake, anyway, at last,
rpm -iv --replacepkgs --replacefiles kernel-2.6.21-1.3194.fc7.i586.rpm
rpm -iv kmod-madwifi- madwifi-
and reboot. I found out 'ath0' in Administrator - Network application.
However I failed to Activate.
set Mode to Manager
set encrypt to WEP
Gocha! I could make it!
By the way, I could use WPA-PSK thanks to Service - NetworkManager application. However this application was down 2 or 3 days later.
To sum up, it becomes much easier than before but much more difficult than Windows.
Sun. Dec. 30, 2007
online storage by Google
Google is likely to offer a new service, online storage
Most of users now use the Microsoft Windows as an operating system. It is the time when you use the OS as the platform so that you don't need to consider the hardware you use. However, from my point of view, the platform might change into the online service so that you won't need to consider the OS you use. In other words, Google might take over Microsoft.
It might change the world drastically. I was stimulated by that.
Sun. Dec. 23, 2007
Since I abandoned installing cygwin servers on Vista, no, it was little reason. As a matter of fact that I'd have liked to effectively use my Mebius which was a desktop PC, I decided to try to install linux server into it then.
#It was already done before I'm writing this.
First of all I looked for a magazine. I didn't know which one was the best but I bought 'Nikkei Linux' in which the method to install linux was written. I would install Fedora 7. It wasn't Fedora Core 7 but Fedora 7. I didn't know that.
Then installing. Mebius read the disc without any problems, the installation was done very easily. What I did were only inserting the disc and setting a few paramaters. It was much easier than the old unix system.
Next,... well, oops. You couldn't use even yum command without the net, which would have been a very useful command if the net have been available.
This PC had no LAN slot like an old PC. I was annoyed. Plus I'd have liked to locate this PC where was far from the router, I decided to try to install WiFi environment. This PC had 2 PCMCIA slots of all things so that I could insert an Aterm WiFi card. If this had been Windows it would easily have completed by only being installed a didn't work well as I expected.
I was annoyed again but I continued to try because I knew USB memories could be used. I could be able to use Windows to set up Fedora 7.
(to be continued)
Sat. Dec. 22, 2007
Vista 5
Finally I reached the AERO. FLIP 3D.
3D applications must have worked well on my PC and Vista checked the performance so I didn't think Vista didn't handle the AERO by default. Plus it was difficult to change the option. Was this one of the Vista's sale point huh?
However my HAPPY HACKING KEYBOARD doesn't have Windows key... Oh my god! I'd have liked to launch FLIP 3D with ALT+TAB but I couldn't find out the method.
Anyway, I finished changing my PC into Vista!
Fri. Dec. 21, 2007
Vista 4
It might happen in XP, I couldn't set the task schedules. Although you can choose 'when idling', set it and wait, you can find out nothing will happen. Eventually I set a task schedule as once a day. The behavior doesn't seem to be correct yet sometimes. Anyway I accepted that.
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