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Tue. Mar. 27, 2007
The PASMO was delivered which I ordered before.
I transfered the commuter pass of mine into PASMO at the first time to a station since I got it. It can do with SUICA but it was still convenient.
However, PASSNET is nonrepayable and nonchargable into PASMO. I can't believe it. Plus auto charging is convenient but there are few kinds of credit cards. I wanted to get a credit card so I did but you don't usually want to get a new one. It's bad, I'm afraid.
I'd like to change the topic into tha game on last Saturday. Maki scored a goal. That was good, very good. I was surprised because Maki and Hanyu played the game Nabisuko Cup of the next day's. Chiba's players were very energetic!!
Thu. Mar. 22, 2007
Is That MAKI?
MAKI was elected as Japanese Soccer National Team again. Some newspapers said that he was elected because he had played well in the last game. Was it well that he didn't get any goals but other team mates did many? Do you forget that you were one of the best Japanese players who got many points in the first half of last year.
I'm afraid that he intended to play with getting no goals recently. Don't become like YANAGISAWA who was one of the former Japanese Soccer National Team players. I could say that he was also one of good players but I disliked him because he didn't shoot even when he could. I think now he might decide not to shoot because we couldn't understand that there were a lot of tasks for FWs which was not to get goals. However, even if so, if you can get a goal, YOU should get a gloal, I hope.
I think that MAKI shouldn't be elected even if I'm a JEF supporter, however, since he was elected, he should do his best job.
Sun. Mar. 18, 2007
NADESHIKO Japan and La La Port Yokohama
NADESHIKO Japan, which is the name for Japanese Women's National Soccer Team, eventually won the play-offs against Mexico. Very good! I've prefered it to the ohter categories because they showed their best every time I watched, especially running.
So anyway, I'll be able to have watched it in the Women's World Cup 2007 in China.
By the way, I went to a mall La La Port Yokohama yesterday. That an A|X (Armani Exchange) store was there moved me to go there, which has been one of my favorite name brands for clothing and had never been in Japan until last Thursday, when the mall opened. I saw that the store had a lot of same stuff of stores in America such as the layout, the rate of items for men and women and the counter. The prices were a little higher than in America but still moderate for me. That's good. I thought I would come often there.
As for the mall, I liked many things there such that it had a lot of stores, which were located like malls in America, that you could enjoy watching quite a lot of clothes and many other things, that you could park cars cheaper than usual in Japan even if you parked for a long time. I wondered if the bookstore and the store for appliance had more room.
Sun. Mar. 11, 2007
a Nightmare for 4 minutes
It was a nightmare, the four-minute period. JEF had conceded no less than three goals for no more than four minutes in the game yesterday. How could they do it?
JEF is at the very bottom right now. It's too early to refer the rankings anyway. I need a win as early as possible.
Sat. Mar. 10, 2007
The J-League began
Began again in this year J-League.
I'm afraid for JEF this year. If a team does not go well, like Cerezo of last year or Verdy of two years ago, the team will be demoted easily. When JEF was naturally lower, JEF could bring most of her ability at the last period of the season. However, because it hasn't occured for many seasons, she might be easily demoted if ever the thought it can't be true remains in her mind.
And besise JEF lost the first game. I'm very afraid for ...
Fri. Mar. 9, 2007
the Road Construction in the Financial Year End
You can feel the Fiscal Year End when you see road constructions.
That's weird! They are done because the country think she won't be able to spend as mush money as the budget she decided before, aren't they? If they aren't needed, she should not be done.
If she thinks she needs them, she must decide schedule to do so. That's also better for the contract companies.
Thu. Mar. 8, 2007
I recuperated from a cold at last.
Though I had had a terrible headache because of sleeping too much, it was also recuperated after I worked. My head seems to prefer working to sleeping ;-p
Thu. Mar. 1, 2007
My house's lock couldn't be opened. If there had been no person in my house, I could have never entered ;-(
It seems that something is transformed and the lock become improper when it is very cold... I knew that a few days ago, it couldn't be completely opened today.
The electric door is good but...;-(
I hope it will work because of comming spring, nevertheless, it will have to be repared by next winter.
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