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Sun. Feb. 25, 2007
GeForce 8800 GTX
Since the CRT monitor of my PC mainly used was broken, I bought a LCD at last!
It was latest model and so I hoped the resolution became higher!! ... however, I saw a blur letter. It seemed to be worse ;-(
Although I didn't know the real reason, I was afraid that CRTs wasn't worse if they connected via D-SUB because both are analog ones.
Of course I would connect it via DVI but the PC could use only D-SUB. So we had no alternatives but to buy GeForce 8800 GTX!!! ...really?(lol)
It's very good, very beautiful. Viva DVI connection. Even though the resolution is increased, we can read the letters clearly. Are there a lot of people watching LCD via D-SUB? If so they are waste something.
However..., 8800 seems to be a little too early for us. I would buy all the parts for Windows Vista in this spring, and I bought the 8800 as one of them. I don't know the reason, the capasity of power source isn't enough or there is no drivers for Windows 2000, some 3D applications which were attached with 8800 can't work well. My PC was frozen many times. I'd never pushed the reset button for a while.
Because of that, we can't use the 8800 talent fully. I really waste the treasure ;-(
Sat. Feb. 24, 2007
McDonald's to take out
I bought a McDonald's morning combo as to take out because I came to work early morning. Although I said so, it passed 7 o'clock and the rush hour had already begun :-p
Go back to the main issue. The coffee was put in a bag without any support stuff, it inclined and was spilled out as I inferred. However when I ordered in another shop, I think, a support stuff was put there... Does it only happen in our building because THE McDonald's is bosh?
Thu. Feb. 22, 2007
Chicken Pox
Awawa had chicken pox. Although that I'll have to have took some days off is a little bother (and my work won't be reduced), it's good because I think the younger the better, if you cannot avoid to have it.
Tue. Feb. 13, 2007
D-Terminal Cable for Wii is not so...
I bought a D-Terminal cable and connected it.
However... I can't differentiate the picture quality from the composite one. With PS2, I was unhappy the composite picture quality and was happy after changing S-Terminal cable. I may be able to say Wii's composite picture quality is enough.
By the way, what I really expected the D-Terminal cable was that the TV setting would have been changed automatically by an aspect ratio information via the D-Terminal cable. It didn't work even when I set the 16:9 mode. It seemed that the information wasn't sent. That's too bad as one of the newest game consoles...
It might be a mistake to buy D-Terminal cable... ;-(
Sat. Feb. 10, 2007
National Language Aptitude
For exsample, after you are let to read a sad poem, if there is a question with what emotion the author wrote it,,, the right answer is, you know, "sad". However I answer "unclear" because the fact can't be understood without seeing the auther writing it. Of course my answer got no point.
Nevertheless, I'm not doing play of words. Actually I know someone who said that the happyer she was, the sadder poem she could write. I remember that my such answer bemused a teacher in my junior high school national language class.
Even if so, it might be right as an engineer. When a TV shows nothing, 'TV is broken' can be a right answer for national language, but engineers should think every possibilities such as that the power might be off, the aerial might be breaking.
So engineers are bad at national langugage. I understand the reason why I was struggle it. No, I wasn't struggle, only the point of the tests were low.... that looks like mere excuse:p
By the way there are some people who are engineer and can get hight score of national language. They may think all possibilities but can choose 'right' answer the question maker is expecting.
I'd like to be so.
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