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Sun. Jul. 30, 2006
the member of Osim Japan
I'd like to think about Osim Japan, especially about the member.
Because I've been being JEF supporter, I know Osim a little. He must not choose the member from the team name. Hence Maki and Abe (both are in JEF) may not be chosen though mass said it was decided. Of course I'd like.
Let me write my hope. I'd like to see many Ganaha(Kawasaki), Hisato(Hiroshima), Daigo(Ohmiya) and many JEF players in the National Team.
Indeed I'm not sure who are chosen. I'd like to see many surprises.

Wed. Jul. 26, 2006
Wireless headphone
I bought a wireless headphone, which costed only 2,000 yen. It's good to hear the DVD sound loudly while doing diet activities at night. However mono sound is heard. At least for me... It may be "penny-wise and pound-foolish" ;-(
I wonder if I had bought 15,000-yen's one, which is made in Japan, via digital signal, at first.
Fri. Jul. 7, 2006
I feel it's weird that YES/NO is used to answer some Japanese quizzes.
YES generally translats as HAI(Japanese) but the meening of HAI means like I agree. NO is the opposite as Japanese IIE
Plus, some quizzes use NOT, for exsample, Answer this question 'You don't like Sushi.' like that.
In this case, if you don't like Sushi, you should answer 'HAI'. If you have only YES/NO card, you may choose 'NO'. However I think the intention of this question's creater expected the answer 'YES' as 'HAI'. It confusing me at least.
Use Japanese answer for Japanese question!
Tue. Jul. 4, 2006
I've watched soccer games with a focus on HIDE (Hidetoshi Nakata) for these several years, so I'm shocked by his retiring. Judging from his characteristics, I'm afraid he will never come back. I hope he'll go his best way.
However I'm expecting Osim Japan. He, as you know, was JEF's coach, which is my favorite team. It's not good for JEF right now, but I'd like to watch strong Japan, too.
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