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Sat. Apr. 29, 2006
Awawa and I went to watch a Lanborghini showroom in Yokohama, where I incidentally found on the net that it opened a couple of weeks ago. It was a little so obscure that I couldn't find easily but at last.
Because of small space and expensive cars, I felt I wouldn't like to park, then a sales person suggested that he brought my car. How kind! We left my car and went the show room!
The moment we entered Awawa began to cry 'Amborghini! Amborghini!'. Although Awawa hadn't seen Lamborghinis but TOMICA's (mini car), he recognized the real car. The wonderful human cognition was amazing me. By the way there were 5 Lamborghinis. It was breathtaking. I caught there were no customer but us. As we all knew this was a place where the guy who would buy Lamborghini should come...
After I left there, I figured out the cause of the kindness. It was the symbol of a newly-licensed driver that was set because Nemnem uses it when driving. I was a little embarrassed.
Wed. Apr. 26, 2006
Through the Door that is Uncrowded
'Would you please get on the car through the door that is uncrowded.'
That is a sentence which is often announced at the train station. The door we can get on earlier is due to the less people who get off, so it is crowded in the car, I think.
Umm I might not be correct. It's good as 'through the uncrowded door'. Oh year. I'd only like to make logic in order not to search other door to get on:-p
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