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Fri. Mar. 17, 2006
My Umbrella Was
broken. Both rains and winds were so strong. Those broke my umbrella, plus I couldn't avoid to be soaked. It's too bad.
Wed. Mar. 15, 2006
19inch LCD
We bought a 19inch LCD for sub PC! We could buy it at DOSV Paradice under 30,000 yen. It's made by Korea. Although its price was less than half the one of Japanese, I love both its design and performance.
I only want not to be errors. Because it's troublesome if it goes back to the maker.
Fri. Mar. 10, 2006
I Purchaced Portions.
I haven't imagined. There are at Mini Stop near my company. On the nuturition-suppliment drink corner. I don't dislike its taste but...
Thu. Mar. 9, 2006
Portion isn't sold
There was no portion in the nearest Seven Eleven.
I don't know it was not sold or all ones are sold out.
Fri. Mar. 3, 2006
The World Baseball Classic will get underway tomorrow at last.
I don't watch baseball very much after I began to watch soccer. Comparing soccer, in which players play harder due to wanting to be selected as a member of the national team, we support national team itself, baseball is less interesting, I guess.
Anyway I'd like the WBC to succeed as business. Then WBC will have been interesting I think.
As the result of that, I'd like all players to play in order to be selected as a member of the national baseball team. I hope there are many possibilities left which is in order to increase baseball fans.
Thu. Mar. 2, 2006
Lack of Sleep
Nemnem and Awawa have been in bad condition, plus there is a lot of work piled up, although I haven't taken care of, I'm in lack of sleep this week. Well, you know, I'd say it's not rare case...
Wed. Mar. 1, 2006
in March at Last
I'm planning to go to U.S. in second half of March, however, it happened that the word "DirectX" was hardly able to be sent to English-speakers in a meeting.
I've got nervous about my English skills more recently :-p
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