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Mon. Feb. 27, 2006
Early Commuting and Early Returning
I commuted early today due to some troubles.
Although I went out at 6am, the train was crowded... Because I commute very late on an average day, I didn't know it but it's not so early that you go out at 6am.
I also returned home early, today. As I know the train was very very clowded at that time. I'd say EARLY but I got home at past 10pm...
Sun. Feb. 26, 2006
I've been taking a rest on Saturday recently. I went to Totoyamichi (Japanese Page) which is a rotating sushi bar.
The prices depend on dish's color as usual but there were only 3 types as 100-yen, 150-yen and 250-yen so we could easily choose dishes. The items were also very good specially yellow tail, sea egg, grilled tunny and the others. Besides Awawa got a toy also at last.
I'd like to go in a few days.

Sat. Feb. 25, 2006
Gold Medal
It was happened at last! That the Gold Medal was the first medal was also great!
Women figure skating had been casted a spot light by mass media, so it was great I guess. I had thought it was too enthusiastic beyond their strength but I was wrong(_ _)
Congratulations Ms. Arakawa!
Wed. Feb. 22, 2006
Maki and Kubo
Kubo, Japanese Soccer National Player, is great. The ability of scoring is absolutly wonderful. However it's difficult for the players who have inveterate injuries to play in the World Cup which is limited the number of players. I hope he'll do his best but...
Tue. Feb. 21, 2006
Chiba Bank Cup
There is an anual event as JEF Chiba vs Kashiwa Reysol, which is the Chiba Bank Cup. This year it was held as J1(JEF) vs J2(Reysol), and the J1 team won as many people thought. However JEF have a losing record I heard. Reysol was great.
Anyway let's make a wish for JEF staying J1 and Raysol go up to J1 this year!
Sun. Feb. 19, 2006
vs Finland
I couldn't watch even a TV but there are few information because very few articles are in BBSs... However it was incredible that Ogasawara seemed to get a score with 55m shot, which was shot from Japanese side.
Sat. Feb. 18, 2006
I finished the FF7's Dirge of Cerberus.
This game is the type which the player charactor (Vincent) is in the game screen and shoot as to my operation. This is an action game but you can finish if you have only patience because PC's level can be uped according to points you got in game until you lose. I guarantee it due to the fact I could finish!
The world is three yeas later from the Final Fantasy 7, two years later from the Advent Children. The movies are incredible as before, as SQUARE! If you like FF7, you should buy it.
Then I'll play online mode after installing.
Thu. Feb. 16, 2006
the Curling
I watched the Curling in TV of the Torino Olympics. I didn't know its rules at all but I knew it and I was interested so that I watched until the end. It was too bad that Japan lost.
Thu. Feb. 16, 2006
I'm not nervous about smoke of cigarettes at other time but today's meeting was terrible. It was because my throat has been irritated for months, many people smoked at the meeting and it was too long!
Nevertheless it was good that the meeting finished after 3 hours later, I hadn't thought the meeting would be able to finish! I really thought that;-(
Tue. Feb. 14, 2006
Value Set
I ordered a Teriyaki-hamburger, a cup of coffee and a cup of salad as each single item in McDonald. Then shop assistant asked I don't care if it was ordered as the value set.
I think I couldn't order coffee as the set... or coffee of the set is bigger than 100-yen coffee?
Tue. Feb. 14, 2006
Maki got his first point in Japanese national soccor team at last! I, who have been a JEF supporter, am cheering him.
However the game was disastrous results against U.S. national team. Japanese national team is warring...
Mon. Feb. 13, 2006
I went to Atsugi to eat Sushi!
I had went there on my way home from Hakone, it was great but I eat few because I was ill, I've been wanting to try!
Yes, very good:-)
However it takes about 1 hour from my home, it's difficult to go there again. I need the Sushi restaurant which serves cheaper and good taste sushi.
Plus, I hear the voice You shall re-open Gourumet soon...
Sun. Feb. 12, 2006
Hair Cut
I had my hair cut short and colored partly after consulting with a hairstylist but..., which realized that it's difficult to set the offhand-looking hairdo.
Sat. Feb. 11, 2006
in English
A guy ask me the way. In English although He is an East Asia people I think. I didn't speak well but he spoke gramatically wrong English as same as I did.
Well, you know, It works like that.
Thu. Feb. 9, 2006
DVD-RW has broken
LaCie's DVD-RW drive is broken ;-(
The problem is that the tray couldn't eject. It seems to be difficult to prove the day I bought so I sent an e-mail to PLUSYU which is the shop I bought it. I've never receive a reply.
I'd like to record as a bad shop. It bothers me to send to the manufacturer... It costs shipping charge and it isn't clear-out that it will let the drive fix.
Thu. Feb. 9, 2006
Purchasing HDD
I bought that, HDD as I said.
I didn't know but there is a kind of HDD like Serial ATA HDD whose transfer speed is more than 10 times as fast as Ultra ATA. I bought it for backup but I'd like to swap current main HDD due to that. However I wouldn't like to install again...
Wed. Feb. 8, 2006
I've been wanting to say about font-size that I've been feeling the font is too small in many web sites. It's out of the question to talk about the sites whose font size is set as immidiate value despite the intention of web surfers, there is a problem that the font is smaller than that the creators intend in case which you look at that by Gecko engine like FireFox.
Standard mode
Compatible mode
When you look at the Compatible mode's file with IE, the font as same size as 100% is not medium but small. Compatible mode is the mode for OLD BAD IE, there are many compatible mode sites whose font-sizes are set as small. On the contrary in the standard mode which respects W3C specification, the medium size is 100% even if IE.
So, it's the best that you set the font-size as % in order to handle many kinds of browsers.
Tue. Feb. 7, 2006
the Season of the Pollen
The season of the annual pollen allergen has come.
It is snow today, so the pollen isn't flying, but my nose feel the pollen since last week end. Although I was bad last year, I'm fine this year because of the medicine I got last week. Even though I am, I should wear a mask to prevent me sucking in pollen, of course!
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