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Sat. Jan. 14, 2006
the Audio Visual Amplifire
It arrives today! Onkyo's Audio Visual Amplifire TX-SA603 (Japanese site).
The amplifire I have owned AX420 (Japanese site) is also good, but it doesn't have some functions such as Pro Logic II, which is used in D.D.R., and AAC, which is used for the 5.1ch in Degital Broadcasts. Because of that I've been thinking "It's about time to buy a new amplifire". The Xbox 360, which couldn't be connected to my audio system, became the critical point.
Well, Very Good:)
Plus the remote controller of TX-603 has such many functions that I'll be able to operate every audio system machines with the controller only, which handles macros and can learn signals of higher functions that other remote controllers handle. However I don't know why but some of my audio system machines cannot handle with the preset of this controller, so I must make the controller learn the very basic functions. I have to do after this...
Fri. Jan. 13, 2006
PC got back
My PC took a lot of time before the power turned on. Recently it didn't turn on before the power switch is pressed more than 30 times! However I brought it to DOS/V Paradice then it worked without difficulty. The around of power probably is the cause.
Judging from that, I pulled off one of HDDs, then, it worked... PC got back!!
The HDD is that it couldn't work as the system boot HDD at the time when some PC parts was changed, so you know it might be out of condition.
Anyway I'm going to buy new HDD with my appreciation for DOS/V Paradice where the stuff look into my PC without any fee!!
Thu. Jan. 5, 2006
USB English layout Keyboard
Into the Windows XP Professional PC, which set as Japanese mode, I put an USB English keyboard but.... it was recognized as Japanese keyboard. It didn't work at all that I updated the driver and rebooted like Windows 2000. I couldn't find useful information.
I could hear from an authority but it needed to change registories. Otherwise it works when you could put PS/2 English keyboard before you put USB one as he said.
I waste my time to solve it ;-(
Tue. Jan. 3, 2006
This Vacation is Over
This vacation is over today.
I've had to be taking care of Awawa since the beginning of the vacaion, so I could read only few books I'd have liked to, I could little update our website. Although I awaited this long vacation, I've gotton nothing but fatigue, sigh...
However Nemnem does like this every day, she is tough, I can understand now. Anyway I'll work from tomorrow, I'll have to change myself.
Sun. Jan. 1, 2006
Happy New Year
Have a good year!
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