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Sat. Dec. 31, 2005
The year end
Without much attention I'm watching the "Ko-Haku Uta Gassen", which is the biggest T.V. live song program in Japan. This year almost ends...
My job will be changed a little, so I was going to study during my vacation but I could very little because Awawa interupt all time but late at night ;-( This also takes much time ;-(
I'm afraid that I'll be troubled from the beginning of next year...

Mon. Dec. 26, 2005
the members of Japan National Team
Abe and Maki were elected from JEF. They have been elected several times but it's the point whether they'll be able to survive or not even if the players in Europe come back. Keep on going!
I'd like to talk about Hisato (Sato). Congratulations on the first time to be elected to Japan National Team for him. I've cheered as not only a former JEF player but also Yuto's twin brother. Plus Hasebe was supporsed to be elected earlier.
I doubt Kubo. I think he has high skills but has often been injured. Plus I cannot comprehend the reason why Takayuki was elected. I like him personally but now he isn't even a regular in his team. I hope Maki will overwhelm the both.
Anyway there are few days left for 2006. How high can Japan accomplish in next world cup.
Sun. Dec. 25, 2005
no pringing HHK
I bought a No-Printing Happy Hacking Keyboard from Mr. A several days ago. I said No-Printing as there was no printing on each keytop. Only English type was sold and A, who used Japanese type keyboard, didn't know that, so I'd buy it:-)
Actually I'd have liked to get it but I hesitated to buy because it costed over \20,000 (\20,000 was close to $200). Plus Nemnem couldn't use it, so I'd like to connect to our laptop as another keyboard. However the laptop had Japanese type keyboard and English type keyboard didn't work at same time. Because of that I couldn't buy it.
A told me that there was a software to solve it, USJP. I borrowed the keyboard and checked the software, then it worked very well!!! Then I bought it:-)
I thought I typed letters without looking at keytops so it didn't matter there was the printing on each keytop but I knew I looked at keytops sometime for example when I typed the first letter. Plus it was hard to type passwards.
It's good for interior accessory but not for job ;-(.
Mon. Dec. 19, 2005
USB wiring
I got an USB cable I had orderd at last. It wasn't general cable but one which is used to wire in a case.
The USB connector of the mother board and the case is basically consisted of 9 pins which are put in 2 lines and not put the lower right pin, so these were supposed to connected easily by 10 pins connector ... but disjoined 8 pins' one I bought. I thought why... but I found the case' connector was difference setting. That's for this case, in the event disjoined 8 pins were needed:-)
Then I can also use the front panel USBs!
Thu. Dec. 15, 2005
bloodshot eyes
Because my right eye had turned red I went to hospital. The doctor said that this was mere bloodshot eyes due to stress and I didn't need any medicine. And she also said I should eat Natto and make my blood clear. I already like Natto...
Then I drank vinegar after I come home.
Anyway everything is due to stress in recent times.
Wed. Dec. 14, 2005
maintenance on ISP
Yesterday, the net wasn't available, I thought, but it was due to maintenance on ISP.
Because of that I tried many things in a lather. I wasted approximately 1 hour. I should read the mail from ISP :-p
Tue. Dec. 13, 2005
Xbox 360
I've got an Xbox 360!
However, since my TV doesn't have any free D-terminals, I've had to connect to the composit terminal, which is for the normal video used by the old game console, too bad.

Mon. Dec. 12, 2005
In the Emperor Cup I expected JEF would win, it was beaten by C Osaka. Besides massively...
By the way the battle for moving up/down and the fight for it also came to the conclusion.
Congratulations Kyoto, Fukuoka and Kofu!
I'm sorry to Kobe, Tokyo-V and Kashiwa.
JEF used to be supporsed to move down many times, because of that, I was mentaly prepared, however I was shocked by the fact that even traditional teams moved down, too bad.
However, I can't afford to care about other teams, so I'm going to cheer up JEF!
Wed. Dec. 7, 2005
flu and ramen
This year's flu is awful, which makes our fever very high. I've caught twice. I've still emitted a cough.
I usually don't eat ramen noodles while I catch a cold, but now I only emit a cough so I went to eat. However it's hard for me now to take a sip!
I like ramen but it might be bad during a cold :-p
Sat. Dec. 3, 2005
The J1 champion team is determined
C-Osaka, which had been the top of the league by the time today's games started, drew, G-Osaka, Urawa, Kashima and Chiba, which had been 2nd-5th, won. At last G-Osaka got the league title. Chiba finished as 4th. It was so close.
For G-Osaka's supporters, Congratulations for getting first title.
Anyway this year's J1 league was so close that the top 5 teams finished with 60 or 59 points.
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