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Sat. Nov. 26, 2005
Confused Fighting J1
J1 soccer league had only 2 matches. The JEF win against GAMBA, which was the top of the league, and the other higher ranking teams drew, thanks to these, JEF still has a chance of becoming the top of the league before the final match. 5 teams have the chance and JEF is 5th of 5 teams. If the higher 4 teams lose or fraw and JEF wins, JEF wins the league. The other way around the chance is almost nothing.
Yeah, you can say it's impossible. What I can do is only cheering JEF with beleaving our JEF will win the last match and J1 league!

Fri. Nov. 25, 2005
cvs error ... is not a branch
Because unknown error occured I'd like to write about it.
cvs commit: sticky tag `1.5' for file `index.xml' is not a branch
I researched about this error and remembered that I modified this file from revision 1.4. It was warning that you didn't modify the latest version.
Then I confirmed the differences, saved the file and I got and override it by doing:
cvs -A -C index.xml
After that I did well by commit :-)
Thu. Nov. 24, 2005
I'm tring ssi on net. I detected that the ssi cannot have arguments on net. Plus symbolic-link is not available. I haven't known it!
SSI is 'no-support' on net as I know, so they aren't wrong but I'd like to know the specification in advance...;-(
Sun. Nov. 13, 2005
When you search with "Blue Fountain Home Page" on Google, my page has been the top but it was unreadable. The reason seemed to be
<meta type="text/html" charset="UTF-8" /> (wrong)
which I got from the net. I'd like to say "where was that from?". I don't research the specification yet, but it was fixed by changing it into
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />
At last I confirmed it on Google that the unreable character was fixed 10 days after.
By the way, I don't know why but the reason might be that the new page was rebuilt with SEO and it might be only now, but one of my pages has been the TOP on the Google by searching with "How to make games (whose Japanese)". The posting has increased. It's great:-) However it's tough to answer every questions:-p
Sun. Nov. 6, 2005
This is the first title we've been eager since J league began, JEF UNITED Ichihara Chiba!
This is the game to decide the chanpionship for a long while. In order to watch the final round of Nabisuko Cup I went to National Studium with Awawa. The ticket I got was unreserved seat and people was full in the studium, so we had to stand to watch. I was surprised so much because I've never met like this as for the JEF's game...;-(
Anyway, this is the first title since I began to support Frukawa Denko which was the previous incarnation of JEF. I cried. Awawa also cried before JEF won. Because of that I couldn't watch the game at all at the moment JEF became the cup winners ;-(
For the coach Osim, all of the players, the staffs and the supporters, Congratulation and thank you!!!
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