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Mon. Oct. 31, 2005
It was last weekend. The misfortune suddenly happened, and, in waves;-(
The router was dead before I came home. And then our main PC was dead soon. It might be infected with the viruses because it was connected directly without the router...
That was too bad. We could do nothing!! I should repair it as soon as possible.
First, we went out to buy a router. We bought a cheap wired router only to avoid viruses. A wireless router we would buy after main PC would be repaired.
Next is, the biggest problem, PC. It wasn't launched even from CD. From that symptom, the mother board was bad? I searched the nearest DOSV Paradice on lap top PC. I had to go by car! I arrived there!
As for only mother board, there were no less than 10 types. I couldn't understand the differnces at all. I consulted an employee. He suggested a mother board with PCI-Express and on-board GPU, DDR memories, and an Athron for CPU. These were new set and costed no less than 60,000 yen, but I might be able to say that it was the cheapest set.
Then I came home. In the night after Awawa sleeping, I composed it and pushed the power button! ... Why? It didn't work;-(
Next day I call the shop. The employee said he could check it if I brought it to the shop. The result was ... power unit! The sum total became 70,000 yen with it and the router.
I composed just after I came home, it could launch! Very good!
... However it didn't launch yet. The boot HDD might be broken. Then I decided to exchange the HDD, the slave one had been the Barracuda, now I installed Windows to it. It did launch this time!! Softwares would have been installed by today. No virus has been detected!
I composed the fastest PC at that time with 300,000 yen 4 years ago, today you can compose double speed PC with no more than 70,000 yen. It's amazing! Anyway I'd like to appreciate the DOSV Paradice's employees for the coutesy, who really helped us(^_^)
Fri. Oct. 7, 2005
JEF advances to the final!
JEF advances to the Nabisco CUP final!!
JEF is a traditional team as it has never drop off top league as J1 since Furukawa-Denko era. However it has never won any title of both league competition and cup one...
I'd go to National Studium (Kokuritsu-Kyogijo) on 11/4!
Mon. Oct. 3, 2005
I've been thinking recently that DVD-RW drives, which I had never bought, are cheaper than before. At last I bought it! I was looking for the one which can write not only to DVD-R but DVD+R. There are many types of DVD-RW drives so I can't understand the defferences. However, I found the one which creates disc label! I bought it without thinking a lot. When you creates the disc label, you have to insert a DVD-R turned. You know, it is as same as writing DVD data with burning laser. I set up it as soon as it arrived, and created the label with Awawa's photos. It's not bad:-)
I used this oppotunity to buy internal HDD for backup which I've been wanting. I was looking for it in a net shop, then I found Barracudas, I clicked one of them! It is luxury that the Baraccuda HDD is set for backup ... wrong ... it's a little waste, maybe:-p
I set up it soon, too. I confirmed the BIOS recognized it. Next, I typed FDISK ... what? not there?
I remember that I've never set up HDD not for Windows since Windows 2000. Dos commands isn't available after Windows 2000... That's the reason why I write the way to make Windows 2000 recognize a no-formatted HDD. I think it can be used in XP as well.
(1) Right click on My Computer and select "Manage"
(2) Select "Disk management" in "Memory Location".
(3) You will see the no-asigned partition, right click on it and select "Sign"
(4) then right click on it as well and "Create partition", you had better format, it won't be able to use it without drive asigning.
I'd like to change main HDD, too. Bus should do before that?
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