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Wed. Sep. 28, 2005
Daisuke Suzuki
Daisuke Suzuki was diagonally in front of me in the last train home. Do you say who he is?:-p
He is a professional Shogi player. Shogi is Japanese chess. I'd say Furibisha-Anaguma is the strong tactic of him.
Sun. Sep. 25, 2005
Hernia of Intervertebral Disk
Two or three years ago, I had backache because of continual overnight desk working. The symptom was that I felt strange at my back but actually I felt ache at my leg. When I went to hospital, the doctor said it was slight hernia of intervertebral disk. He also said that it wouldn't get worse if I strengthened my abdominal and back muscles. Indeed, it has been no longer of a bother.
After a few years I felt it again today... The yesterday's baseball was bad? I had never played for one year. However I feel strange from back to feet this time ;-(
I think about it again, my weight is gained and I seldom strenghen muscles recently, so... it must be my fault.
Fri. Sep. 23, 2005
a surprise win
In the early morning, I woke up at 4:30 and went to Ohmiya in order to play a baseball game as the first match of the tournament our team takes part in once a year.
It is the team of the company I work for and takes part in the tournament every years, we've never won for a few years. Plus we've heard that the opponent was so strong that we couldn't win and we were supposed to lose but ... we won :-p
Next game will be held on 10/1. Since our industory's people are very busy this time of year, it might be impossible to get togather plenty members. We knew it but we were in complete seriousness during the game... I AM also busy, what should I do...
In addition to that, Ohmiya is so faraway that it takes many hours to get only there and back. Today I took one hour and a half to get there in the early morning, and more than three hours to get back. Ouch...
Sun. Sep. 18, 2005
Hide at Bolton
In this season, Hide (Hidetoshi Nakata, a Japanese soccer player) started at last. He played well at his first team game as always, is it continued this season? I heard he's been saying that he wants to go Premium league in England, It's good. I'd like him to raise the pitch so that Japanese National Team will be able to go well at the World Cup in next year!
Shunsuke (Nakamura) is also good I heard. It's them to improve the national team to higher level. Anyway, I'm warried about Ina (Inamoto) not to be good recently. I'm warried about Sinji (Ono), who is beeing injured, too.
From my opinion, I wish Abe (at JEF) were joining to national team. Many good volantes are in Japanese national team but ...
Tue. Sep. 13, 2005
Tokyo Game Show
I didn't know why many foreigners come to Japan this week..., I know now, Tokyo Game Show will be held this week end! I won't be able to go there, I forgot it :-p
As for me, because I've been tring to speak English whenever it's possible, I enjoy this time oppotunities. However foreigners who come to Japan often speak Japanese or understand the English that Japanese say at least, so it might not go for practice. For example, the greetings are often spoken in Japanese language...
Sun. Sep. 11, 2005
Regular Expression
I've been programming CGIs as hobby with C-language, it's to handle character strings that is more complicated than with PHP, PERL or even JAVA. Although I build up many functions for CGIs as my library, Regular Expression is a little too hard to create. However I thought I'd be able to program it if it parses the expression and it creates automaton. I've been programming for several days and at last! Due to that I'll be able to program CGIs easier tha before :-)
Many people maybe say 'You can use finished thing for free from the internet!', I knew it! I could program it because as hobby. I'd enjoy it!
If it were as job, certainly, I couldn't program from scratch :-p
Nevertheless, I can knew as actual feeling that which expressions are hard to drive for example, I acquired some great skills. Plus that program includes the pattern-matchings and the back-tracks so I think it's like Prolog which is a programming language I love.
Prolog is very interesting programming language for me. I'd like to introduce it on this site someday!
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