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Sun. Aug. 28, 2005
_cAfee Fire Wall
Nemnem and Awawa seem to be better finally. Awawa still has a slight feve but he's already become energetic more than enough. The other way around I've had it as I was afraid, it becomes very tough for me ;-(
Though it is it becomes easier , so I turned on the PC, then _cAfee was updated. It's sometimes occured but this time it didn't updated only pattern files but also some programs. PC was rebooted as it required..., I didn't know why but the cygwin's httpd didn't work after rebooted ;-( And besides, the httpd worked as a cause of CPU 100% trouble. And to make matters worse, the process couldn't be killed. Er...
Because it seemed becase of firewall, I changed some configuration. First, since I tried to disable FW then http access seemed to be changed, I reboot the PC... but it didn't work. Why? Gee! It was impossible that FW was enabled ! Don't set back from "disable" into "enable" due to a mere rebooting!Why so...
After that, I tried to set accurately such as permitting some applications, opening some ports. But still it didn't work. Next I changed the security level into lowest one, but still still it didn't work. uh Nothing works!
I couldn't think any more, I uninstalled it. I thought again from the beginning, our home LAN has been protected by a router, so we haven't needed the personal fire wall. It isn't good a little because it could protect the PC from some viruses as Torojan horse, but I hope the _cAfee's anti virus software, which is still installed, DOES work!
Wed. Aug. 24, 2005
Nemnem and Awawa have come down
Awawa caught a cold, and Nemnem caught it. It's true that parents easily catch their child's cold. I have to take care not to catch it, before that, because both of my family came down, I left work early today. I won't be able to go to work tomorrow from the looks of it.
I heard that children would catch cold after they went to nurserys from seniors as parents. Even Awawa, whose main characteristic was energy, came down, so COLD was terrible. By the way, is this a mere cold by which Awawa's fever went up to 39 degrees Celsius? He got some medicine, which have seemed not to work...
Mon. Aug. 15, 2005
class reunion
Yesterday, I attend my high school's class reunion.
The party whose object people are all of those who graduated same year has never been held since the graduation. A lot of people (I heard 100 people) gathered. Teachers also came there, especially the all teachers who were in charge of my classes came there, and friends also, we warmed up each other. We had a big party!
Yeah! I had fun very much:-)
It was a stand-up meal party but we didn't have a stand-up meal but stand-up talk. I thank the dishes is too much to eat up. In order to talk in several hours for long years, we had to talk rather than to eat or to drink. Because of that, I thank more than half participant attended to the after-party. I heard it would be held after-after-party until morning the day after yesterday. I'd like to attend it but I should stay my family home so I came home at that time;-(
I remembered more people than I had thought. But I didn't remenber more than 90% people without nameplate. Don't say that you can't remember many people WITH nameplate!
I can't tell the feeling but I had fun as if we had been high school students.
I'm afraid that volunteer party organizers had been being so hard to prepare for everything including after-partys. I couldn't say enough appreciate for that but... I thanked you for offering a great party! Thank you very much. Thank you.
Sat. Aug. 13, 2005
Almost all the pages have the footer now. It looks like good. There also is a description for COPYRIGHT. It looks like the real thing, dosen't it?
By the way, I went to the soup curry restaurant called Ganesha, which K, who I once introduced to Magic Spice, had let me know. It's a little hard to get there because it takes about 1 hour from the company I work for. But like I expected, the meal was delicious. The restaurant's homepage said this was CHILD of Ajanta, yeah, its taste was just like Ajanta's. Great.
As I heard Ganesha's master, the Ajanta's master, who is famous as an old Hickory, commes and checks the taste. Ganesha's master said he just came last week! Ganesha's master said that he is scared of him. But because of it, I could have a good soup curry from the old established restaurant. The restaurant has been opened for almost 3 years. Ouch, I should have known earlier. I didn't know why but maybe because the restaurant was built underground, it was nearly empty when I arrived there. Does this restaurant have any promotion? I think it can do better...
Fri. Aug. 12, 2005
I created "about this site" at last :-)
At this moment, I put a footer on the toppage only. If it works well, I'll put it the other pages. I'm glad that this site is getting in earnest :-)
But still you are annoyed with IE's bug. Why margin-top doesn't work at that point? I had to put a dummy box. It was too much of a bother. Besides I've no idea why bold font is displayed even if each <li> element is closed! I did nothing for the latter one because it's too much of a bother to look for the way to circumvent. Please brows with Netscape, FireFox or so on.
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