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Sun. Jul. 31, 2005
FEED Validator
Mixi's friend GrayOgre-san wrote a good news to BBS. There seems to be RSS FEED's Validator site, which is to say a site to check out wheather RSS description is correct or not. Before that, I could heard GrayOgre-san's voice... "Look for the help at least!". I'm sorry;-(
I read the help at least, thanks to direct link I could access there. It is the FEED Validator:-) I wasted little time to input the URL and started checking out. Hmm... it said Name wasn't known, well... oh what? Ouch! I input the wrong URL. I input again and this time around...
To conclude, as GrayOgre-san had written it (of course), it was MIME type's issue the web server set. I guess the POS.TO NET do nothing about .rdf. It was addressed as text/plain and us-ascii. If it was ever addressed as us-ascii, the site including multi-byte character is invalid because of many uncertainty things. As MultiViews I wrote before, POS.TO NET's setting is plain. But we can overwrite .htaccess so there is no problem of cource. I chose here due to that:-)
Confguration I add to .htaccess is, because it seems to be bothering, directly I dicided to write as follows:
AddType "text/xml; charset=UTF-8" rdf xml
Actually I wrote once as follows:
AddType "text/xml" rdf xml
even if so, us-ascii seemed to be returned yet, then the configuration
AddDefaultCharset us-ascii
is in some place. I don't want it:-(
I rewroten single-byte code title to multi-byte in Japanese site. It worked I think because it was displayed well in mixi. good:-)
*At first I set "text/xml" because the site allowed it. But GrayOgre-san let me know that the correct mime-type was "application/rss+xml". Indeed I set so for html file and I changed the line of .htaccess by using "application/rss+xml". Thank you so much GreyOgre-san!
Sat. Jul. 30, 2005
GREE's specification
It hadn't also been displayed in GREE. It has been displayed after rss auto discovery's href is set as full path.
It's too much of a bother to test local environment unless relative path is available. The GREE's analysis program is blowing off...:-(
Sat. Jul. 30, 2005
I'd like to know the specific of mixi
Hmm mixi's recent diary is not updated. I guess the title including multi-byte charactor Alphabet or Symbol is something bad...:-(
I'd like to know the specific. I wanna let them know if error is occured.
Wed. Jul. 27, 2005
F&P companies' BBQ
BBQ party which those whose own house was built by Kasuga-Kensetsu gathered was held last Saturday, and we took part this year again. I said again but only twice by this year:-p
Last year Awawa rode on a stroller but this year he bounced off the wall too much. Nemunemu and I was racked:-( It was impossible for him to get fish with his fingers yet but he would be able to do it soon, I think:-)
By the way F&P house is a retain heat house from Hokkaido. If you say it in a nutshell, it is a house like thermos. For exsample an usual isolated house requires 4 or 5 air conditioners but my house has only 2. Because of high air proof, the air goes around all rooms, it is cool enough when retain heat wall cooled off enough. It is very comfortable:-)
However this house cannot do humidity retention and mousture chamber is required in winter, eliminating moisture in summer.
Even in the F&P builders Kasuga-Kensetsu(Japanese) looks excellent. If you will build a house I introduce them for you.
Mon. Jul. 18, 2005
Nikko Shiobara and Utsunomiya
From the day before yesterday to yesterday we went on a trip with my family to Shiobara, where my uncle and aunt live.
On the first day, we went to Tosho-gu in Nikko. This is the famous place where three monkeys of "Mizaru(see-not) Iwazaru(speak-not) Kikazaru(hear-not)" are from. I came here once when I was in the elementary school, I've never visited here since that time. I felt "It's not that amazing...", but I also felt it this time too:-p Besides it's just a part of decorations of a horse barn:-p By the way the entrance fee was too expensive, which costed 1,300 yen per person;-( Well I did get what I wanted so I didn't mind it so much.
We ate Yuba-soba for lunch. Though we didn't know the speciality of Nikko, we decided to have that by judging from some restaurants we saw. We entered a restaurant near there, where we shared a table on Tatami. Those who we shared the table with were an western couple, who were eating curry with chopsticks! The female was wearing a skirt but she sat cross-legged with wearing a skirt. Since the male had spoken to the shop assistant in English, I spoke to him in English. They told me that they came from Holland (the Netherlands). Tokyo, Kyoto, Nikko are the three most famous tourist spots known in Holland he told me. I never thought that Nikko could be that famous in the world (sorry). We had some small talks, but thinking back now, I should have asked him if he knew Shinji Ono, who is a famous Japanese soccer player and is playing in Holland at that moment... Plus, I should have told them Japanese peope usualy eat curry with a spoon:-p
After that we went to Kegon fall. I was amazed when I went there in my elemental school year. In all honesty I was not so amazed this time, but it is big all the same! And it is beautiful how the water falls directly below. This is the best water fall, I think, but I only have a little knowledge.
That's all in Nikko for this trip. We were tired with Awawa, who ran wild:-p
In the evening we went to the uncle and aunt house in Shiobara, in which we stayed there for the night. Whew! We could soak in a hot spring there. It's an astonishing house... It was also good that Awawa was near by in a good mood:-)
Next day, we went to a near by park. I wrote "A PARK" but it's very huge! There are shops for sightseers, amusement rides of Thomas the Tank Engine or An-pan-man, some dogs we can touch, real horses we can ride on. Awawa rode a lot of rides. As for horses, he rode one with Nemunemu. Awawa looked a little scared of the horse though we held him as fearless. He looked he loved ride-ons and dogs.
After that we made ourselves comfortable at the house of the uncle and aunt. They treated us for many things. I was so greatful...
Then we went home. I don't know why but there was a terrible traffic jam in the Tohoku Highway. We drove out of the highway at Utsunomiya, and went to "Minmin" where it's known for Gyoza... But it was closed when we got there;-(
All told, we arrived home at midnight. Nemunemu and Awawa, Good work that day!
Sat. Jul. 16, 2005
I went to POT&POT for supper after a long time. As for roux it was bumped up a notch, I'd order Spicy Tomato Sauce. It's not bad.
Recently I indeed begun to go to an English conversation school, so the oppotunity increases to meet people of various nation. An instructor from Australia said "Japanese curry is NOT curry". As she said Thai curry, for example, is curry, but Japanese one is not. To addition this she knows soup curry. She seemed to think it is more like curry. It is the cultural difference...? By the way I think all of which are curry and I love all in all (lol)
Oops I must create "Ese Gourmet in Shin-Yurigaoka" site. Since I completed the first stage to have created COMIC and TALK, I have it in mind to get round to create it. But I have seldom idea of that site so far. It is in a conceptual phase now, it may be long road...
Fri. Jul. 15, 2005
Optical father
It's amazing thing that my father get the environment to connect to the internet on optical fiber, as I heard! He bought a PC, a digital camera and this time the high speed internet environment...
Of caurse, I'd like it because you came easy to explain something to send URLs, and easy to send jumbo image data files and so on :-)
Wed. Jul. 13, 2005
8th graduates' gathering in Hachioji-higashi
Because graduates' gathering of Hachioji-higashi high school 8th graduates, which is my alma mater, is held, I'm planning to take part in it. I'd like many old friends to gather and meet each other :-)
Considering it, we spend approximatly twenty years from graduation. It's loooooong time. And party organizers are doing great job! I thank you all! I'm looking forward to the party!
Tue. Jul. 12, 2005
I was wondering why English page was displayed regardless of my web browser settings, it may be because there are some differences between the server and local PC. It was going to work after I wrote .htaccess as follow 2 lines:
AddLanguage ja .ja
Option +MultiViews
Indeed I didn't try the case which only one of them was written, so I don't know which one has brought about an effect.
As for this case, it worked well because Apache module of MultiViews was installed. However if I wanna give more details of settings, I should set up my own server... but the rental server is good because of mounted place where works fast as the network... hmm...
Mon. Jul. 11, 2005
I've renewed at last!
Since I've made a system to write and upload diaries in local machine, I'd like to increase the frequency of update. Thank you.
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