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DELETE-KEY (used when you delete contributions)

  • Please input DELETE-KEY which is used when you delete your contribution.
  • Since you input DELETE-KEY and contribute once, it is saved. And you can use the same DELETE-KEY.
  • When you'd erase input letters, please press RESET and then SUBMIT.

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    DATE Fri, 20 Oct 0117 09:52 Author DemyanAllow DELETE

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    DATE Fri, 20 Oct 0117 08:45 Author FilatRubre DELETE

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    DATE Fri, 20 Oct 0117 07:38 Author DemyanCrure DELETE

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    DATE Fri, 20 Oct 0117 06:32 Author YustinSkach DELETE

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    DATE Fri, 20 Oct 0117 05:26 Author FomaNoits DELETE

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    DATE Fri, 20 Oct 0117 04:18 Author HaritonGlari DELETE

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    Inhip Unofs
    DATE Fri, 20 Oct 0117 03:12 Author VsevolodMob DELETE

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    DATE Fri, 20 Oct 0117 02:33 Author Crarlygak DELETE

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    DATE Fri, 20 Oct 0117 02:01 Author GeorgiyFoT DELETE

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    voria Non
    DATE Fri, 20 Oct 0117 00:53 Author SpiridonDit DELETE

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    Hewtriart BodyGync NushBaccasy

    DELETE-KEY Ordered by contributed time 1 - 10
    Max number of contributions is 100

  • When you'd delete contributions, check DELETE checkboxes, input DELETE-KEY which you input when you contributed and then press the DELETE.
  • Any contributions which do not match DELETE-KEY are not deleted.
  • Any contributions are deleted if you input MASTER-KEY as DELETE-KEY (BBS administrator only).

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